3 Tools to Increase Dealer Customer Satisfaction

May 11, 2017
increase dealer customer satisfaction

It’s no secret that in any industry customer satisfaction leads to retention which leads to more sales. It’s no different in the automotive sales industry, and with the introduction of tech into the automotive sales experience, traditional approaches to customer satisfaction are rapidly changing. It’s more important now than ever to get ahead of these developments and implement tools to help build a stronger dealer and customer relationship. Here are my top three tools to help increase dealer customer satisfaction.

Tool #1: A Powerful Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Managers or CRMs enable dealers to manage their segmented list of customers allowing them to follow up with leads, provide the service customers are seeking, and prove that your dealership is trustworthy. Essentially, they give dealers the tools they need to manage leads and turn them into sales. My recommendation is to try CDK CRM which provides lead management, business development, campaign management, customer management and direct marketing services. CDK CRM provides its users with a central view of everything they need to know about their customer — on one screen, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC — giving them complete control. One thing that makes CDK CRM so effective is its mobility. Mobile is crucial for salespeople, with statistics showing a 30 percent increase in the number of “fresh-ups” once they start using a mobile CRM. With that being said, if you’re still doubting using CRM tools, know that research shows adopters typically see a 32 percent improvement in win rate and a 50 percent acceleration of sales conversions.

Tool #2: A Social Media Management Platform

In 2013, MarketShare concluded that Twitter drove $716 million in auto sales through Twitter Ads, positive brand mentions and the Twitter activity of the automakers themselves. With 38 percent of consumers reporting they’ll consult social media the next time they purchase a car, engaging with customers over social is key to your success. It leads to increased customer satisfaction which will keep customers coming back to your lot. However, managing social channels and monitoring your dealer’s mentions can get difficult, and that’s why I recommend using Social Media Management Platforms like Hootsuite. This tool allows you to see all your social accounts in one place, schedule posts and reply times and measure your growth and engagement. Statistics show that 23% of car buyers use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase experience. With all this social chatter, it’s imperative that you use a tool like Hootsuite to not only be able to track the conversations, but engage with them too; after all, a customer who’s engaged is a customer you’ll keep.

Tool #3: Intuitive apps to make for a quick and easy sale

You’ve seen it in the retail industry with intuitive POS apps for consumers like Vend and Shopify that are making businesses and customer’s lives much more convenient. In the B2B sector, TradeRev is now doing something similar for the automotive sales industry. By connecting dealers across the nation, TradeRev allows dealers to move a customer’s vehicle off the lot within an hour of the customer stepping foot into the dealership. On top of that, the one-hour online auction – that also works as an appraising tool – lends transparency to the sales process and builds trust between the buyer and seller. This is pivotal because once a customer is at the dealer longer than 90 minutes, satisfaction rapidly declines. By providing speed and trust to the sales process, TradeRev gives customers the type of satisfaction that keeps them coming back to your dealership and everyone comes out a winner.

So what are you waiting for? Give these three tools a try and I guarantee your customers and your bottom line will be satisfied.

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