TradeRev Canada 150 Series

June 29, 2017

Here at TradeRev, we wanted to commemorate Canada 150 in a unique way. We thought it would be fun to celebrate the diversity of our company; similar to the way Canada’s diversity makes it so great.

We have created a blog series highlighting people from our team who have immigrated to Canada. Here they share their journeys, their favourite Canadian tradition and more.

Name: Adriano Scheffer

Birth Country: Brazil

Job Title: Software Developer

Time at TradeRev: 8 months


Why did you/your family come to Canada?

I’ve decided to move to Canada because it is one of the most innovative and competitive countries in regards to technology. In addition, Canada is both a welcoming and safe place for newcomers.


How did you come to Canada?

I handled the immigration process from my home country (Brazil) so I arrived here as a Permanent Resident.


Who made the decision to immigrate?

I did, as this decision seemed very much aligned with my career objectives.


What was your first Canadian neighbourhood like?

Very residential, I had the feeling of living in the countryside.


What was your first memory of Canada or becoming a Canadian?

I was surprised that almost no houses have fences! That means people feel very safe living here.


What is the biggest difference in work culture between Canada and Brazil

The work environment in Brazil is not very different, but lunch time is a big deal. Most Brazilians go to restaurants and chat a lot.


What do you miss the most from home?

The weather, the food, my family and friends, not strictly in this order. But the winter there, believe me, is harsh! There is no escape from the cold since most buildings have no heating system. And another terrible thing I don’t miss from Brazil are electric showers, the worst invention ever.


Do you have any advice for newcomers to Canada?

I think it makes it easier if you have experienced living far away from your family at least once in your life.


What’s your favourite Canadian food or tradition?

Maple syrup.


How did you hear about TradeRev?

Through a recruitment agency.


Why did you choose to work at TradeRev?

I observed a fun environment at TradeRev and met lots of smart people who truly love technology and the work they do.


How are you celebrating Canada 150?

I’m going to visit festivals and enjoy the nice weather.