Five Types of People Every Organization Needs

May 11, 2017

With over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and after becoming a part of a tech company that’s revolutionizing automotive sales, I have seen what it takes to make a company successful and the different people to drive the company forward. From humble beginnings to where I am now, I’ve met so many interesting individuals, but to me, there are five types of people that every organization needs to be successful.

The Visionary

They’re often the mind behind the organization’s success. These individuals are usually entrepreneurs/leaders who are years ahead of their time and possess an inherent ability to develop strategies to help a company realize their vision. They’re critical thinkers who aren’t afraid of change in order to build new technologies that can shift an industry.

The Dreamer

These are the type of people that think outside the box. They’re the developers and UX designers that are able to see the solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. The Dreamer removes obstacles, makes it possible for users to get what they want with as little effort as possible and build with a sense of “what if”.

The Hunter

In the wild, hunters bring back the food that keeps the pack alive. In business, The Hunter can usually be found on the sales and business development teams. These are the competitive ones who are out there making sure no stone is left unturned in a pursuit to bring more customers back to the company. While they may work alone sometimes, the success of the company is always top of their mind.

The Chef

In a Michelin starred restaurant, quality assurance is of utmost importance; and it’s no different at any organization. The Chef may be in the background, but they’re the one making sure everything is up-to-par and going smoothly. These chefs are the quality assurance engineers and HR personnel who are cooking up new updates and making sure everyone has the tools they need to develop and succeed so the company can run smoothly. 

The Friend

Like Norm from Cheers, customers need to know they have friends that they can count on. These relation experts are able to support your customers because they know them, listen to their problems and help solve them on a daily basis.

At TradeRev we pride ourselves in not just attracting these types of people, but cultivating their skills. If you’re a talented, passionate individual who’s looking to jump-start your career, you can learn more about life at TradeRev.