The Executive Issue – Autoremarketing Canada – Mark Endras, Founder & CEO, TradeRev

August 5, 2016

The nomination for Mark Endras to earn this recognition calls him a “trailblazing automotive tech entrepreneur.” But it’s clear he’s not done innovating.

Even after TradeRev’s Toronto launch in 2011 and its expansion in the five years since, Endras is still making moves, having recently debuted Soapbox, described as “an internal innovation platform that encourages employees to develop creative solutions to spark innovation, and make a better product and workplace.”

His approach to TradeRev was one of optimism, persistence and problem-solving.

“He envisioned the transformative nature technology could have on car dealerships years before it was common practice, and had the foresight, vision, persistence and technological expertise to develop a brand new solution to long-held industry problems,” the nomination reads.

“While dealers have known for a long time there were problems with the traditional trade-in system — including the lack of transparency in wholesale deals, lack of buyers for cars, lack of fresh inventory, and more — most were reluctant to abandon the archaic, old way of doing things,” it continues. “Rather than being discouraged by the initial industry resistance and throwing in the towel before TradeRev got off the ground, Mark dug his heels in and worked even harder to illuminate the benefits and unlock new opportunities.”