Auto Remarketing: TradeRev erases subscription fees for U.S. dealers

June 30, 2017

CARMEL, Ind. –

TradeRev will no longer require monthly subscription fees from U.S. car dealers and its mobile app has been fitted with brand-new personalized “Title Concierge” and “My Account” tools that provide added transparency and organization, the tech startup announced on Wednesday.

“We’re constantly listening to user feedback and evolving our technology to improve the buying and selling experience for dealers,” Keith Crerar, executive vice president of TradeRev U.S., said in a news release.“With no monthly subscription fees, TradeRev will further expand and empower our broad national marketplace of participating dealers. And our enhanced post-sale services will help finalize transactions more quickly, easily and accurately.”

Now, dealers only pay TradeRev a fee for any completed transactions.

The new “Title Concierge” service on the mobile app was created to build trust between participating dealers and aims to ensure buyers receive titles from sellers promptly, according to TradeRev. It now opens a direct line of communication between both parties by contacting sellers right after a vehicle is sold and keeping buyers updated on title status until it is received.

To help customers stay organized, TradeRev said it added the mobile app’s new “My Account” feature, which lets customers view a summary of their entire TradeRev accounting history. The tool also tracks all transactions and automatically posts in real time.

“We’re confident these new features will further streamline the buying and selling process for dealers seeking new ways to increase sales and profitability,” Crerar said. “By removing subscription fees, we’re encouraging every U.S. dealer to test-drive TradeRev and feel the full power and benefit of our revolutionary mobile app technology.”

Additionally, while sellers were once required to download and send back Vehicle Release Forms (VRF) via email of fax, they can now submit them directly from their mobile devices.

TradeRev said that it has digitized and accelerated the process by allowing submission and review on the mobile app with the touch of a thumbprint.