Dealer Best Practices: Implementing New Technology

May 11, 2017Consumer Technology

How to Evaluate and Maximize Your Investment in New Technology Tools Technology is significantly transforming the way dealers do business every day in nearly all areas of operations, including vehicle acquisition, inventory tracking, remarketing and sales. New applications and tools that are designed to create new efficiencies, build new channels of business, streamline the way we service customers, enhance overall productivity and drive sales are debuting seemingly every month. The opportunities are endless, but so too are the potential challenges and pitfalls. How do you know which technology tool is the right one for your dealership? How do you determine if an investment is worthwhile? What do you do to make sure the technology is properly implemented so that you are realizing the full benefits, and not creating new issues? The following outlines best practices to help you make the right tech choice, and make the most of that choice: