Find Out What’s New on TradeRev’s Latest App Update

March 4, 2020

The latest version of the TradeRev app is live and ready to make buying and selling cars that much easier. 

Send to ADESA In-Lane Auction

Send unsold trades to an ADESA Physical Auction with the touch of a button, giving you quick and easy access to a new pool of buyers. From the Lost List View or Vehicle Details Page for a lost trade, simply choose which ADESA location you’d like to run your trade at. You can also easily order transportation from your dealership to the ADESA location. It’s just another way we’re giving you easier access to KAR Global’s Highway to Sell. 

Capture Cars Offline 

Maybe you’re in a parking garage, a rural area or just trying to save some precious data. Now you can capture cars with no cell reception and we’ll back up all the info instantly and automatically. Rest assured knowing all the work you put into the capture won’t get lost. Once you’re back onlinethe trade will be in the Parked tab ready to upload. 

Default Transportation Settings 

Auto Checkout is more “auto” than ever with our new Default Transport Settings. You can now input your desired delivery address and we’ll automatically arrange transport when you use Auto Checkout. Simply opt into this function and then set your preferred limit on transport cost.  

These updates are live now on TradeRev and are part of our commitment to remain the most integrated full-service platform. 

Sign In and try it on your web browser or update your app on iOS or Android to take advantage.